Vulnerability Management


Vulnerability Management

Networks, Applications, systems and services are constantly changing.  Keeping up with this change can be a real issue for the IT and security functions.  There is a constant stream of patches and updates released from software vendors that you should apply onto your systems.  However most organisations have build up a fairly significant backlog.

Our Vulnerability scanning service is blends the world leading vulnerability scanner technology Qualys with our internal expertise at managing security to give out clients the perfect solution to getting dedicated insights on the current health of their environment.  Enabling you to prioritise remediation activity on the. more urgent vulnerabilities for maximum risk reduction.

Service Components

  • Full SAAS cloud based service with external and internal (requires virtual scanning appliance on your network) vulnerability scanning
  • You are in control on the scan frequency from every week up to quarterly
  • Detailed vulnerability scans prioritised on remediation schedule based on criticality of the issue.
  • Full support for federated and cloud based services

Outcomes current clients have experienced

  • Clarity on number of vulnerabiitites on their systems
  • Reduced number of security incidents due to proactive remediation
  • Reduced downtime for the business due to planned change windows
  • Detailed understanding of risk exposure due to Vulnerabilities on the perimeter and internal network