Cyber Red Teaming


Cyber Red Teaming

Red teaming is using skilled, ethically motivated security professionals to proactively try to compromise a clients network.  We emulate the skill levels, tools and techniques as the real hackers activities to gauge how effective they would be if the attack was real.

By factoring in the current capabilities of the organisation, the challenges that exist around the IT environment, how the organisation is geographically spread and how they are interconnect with suppliers and 3rd parties, we focus  on augmenting existing compliance controls framework with a new threat-led approach. This method is proven to deliver the right insights and results.

Combining this with a bespoke threat assessment to identify the threat actors that are targeting you and others in your sector,  it is likely that, for the first time, the company will gain a clear understanding of the their security posture and the resilience to defend against real attacks.

Service Components

  • Threat intelligence report that we will use to identify attack paths
  • Multi-scenario ethical compromise assessment
  • Constant heartbeat between clients and ourselves so that activity can be paused or stopped at any time
  • Detailed management report clearly showing all results and findings
  • Root cause analysis exercise to identify remedial action to mitigate further compromise


Outcomes current clients have experienced

  • Clarity on effectiveness of security education and awareness
  • understanding on non-IT staff willingness to report security incidents
  • Detailed understanding of threat actors operating in your sector
  • insights into the effectiveness of security protect, detect, respond and recover processes and technology