CISO Mentoring


CISO Mentoring

Cambridge Cyber Advisers CEO Bryan Littlefair and lead mentor has been Global CISO for some of the world’s largest companies. With over 20 people that have worked under his leadership, now have the CISO title for themselves.  They are spread around the World working in various different sectors.

Bryan has mentored security leaders for over 10 years, as well as people straight from university, helping them to develop and strengthen their skill base by taking on different roles and responsibilities. This is in order to gain the right level of experience that is required to be able to effectively manage as a CISO.

Bryan defines and implements a bespoke methodology that typically challenges and changes the current thinking of the person being mentored, so they are able to critically analyse themselves on what their strengths are but equally what areas need to be developed further.

CISO mentoring is truly global, with most engagements happening over video conferencing. Bryan Littlefair prides himself on the number of CISO’s he has mentored and enjoys seeing the development of those currently on the programme.

Service features

  • Mentoring for all security professionals from CISO to junior/entry roles
  • Validated development framework that delivers clarity to the Mentee
  • Flexible interactions – in person or over video conferencing
  • Sounding board for internal challenges, strategies, approaches
  • Templates for commencing new initiatives and approaches

Outcomes current clients have experienced

  • Clear strategy for personal career development
  • Targeted opportunity development internally or externally
  • Significant personal brand profile elevation through targetted activity
  • Rapid career progression toward target goal