Board Advisor / Non-Exec Director


“Only 5% of FTSE100 companies have board members with specialist technology or cyber security experience”

Deloitte Feb 2020

Board Advisory

All of our clients are unique and different, even those that are closely competing in the same sector and geography.  Because of this difference, when it comes to security, you have to plot your own course.  Navigating the complex, cyber environment, that companies of all shapes and sizes find themselves in today, can be challenging and difficult. With increasing legislation and regulation, coupled with customer expectations around the protection of sensitive assets and data, it is vital that the leadership of the company drives a proactive approach to understanding and managing their risk position.

Service Components

  • recognised industry leading expertise at your full board meeting or for the security agenda topics
  • supporting the internal security team clarify their messages for a board audience based on our extensive experience
  • enabling the board to effectively challenge the executive by equipping them with subject matter expertise and external market knowledge
  • quarterly knowledge sharing session with the Board and Executive team covering market trends and risks in relation to security


Outcomes current clients have experienced

  • Board members have a greater understanding of the security
  • CISO and team have more traction with the board
  • Management information and reporting improved to focus on risk
  • Defined targets and risk tolerances with clear KPI’s and KRI’s
  • Board and executive know the current position and how to influence