Email Threat Protection


Email Threat Protection

Cambridge Cyber Advisers inbound email threat protection filters all inbound email for spam, viruses, malware, phishing attacks, and more. We provide the same high level protection for small and medium-sized enterprises as our large global enterprise customers.

Our service examines hundreds of thousands of attributes in every email to accurately detect text, image, and attachment-based spam or phishing emails while automatically adapting to new threats as they appear. Our email threat protection technology removes all malicious and inappropriate content that could negatively impact an organization before it reaches user inboxes.

Our interface logs all inbound emails that pass through a company’s systems, enabling complete message traceability for users.

Email is scanned for any viruses, malware, or other malicious content such as phishing, spoof email addresses, etc.

An email content filter with flexible rules engine

Address issues regarding confidential, malicious, or inappropriate email content that is being sent or received.

Establish a variety of filters, depending on a company’s needs—and block emails based on the size of the email, the type of attachment, the sender or recipient, the country of origin or destination, and the content within the subject line, body or header. This content filtering feature is

Service features

  • Advanced Spam Detection
  • Advanced Fraud Protection
  • Inbound URL Scanning Phishing Protection
  • Content and Attachment Filtering
  • Daily User Quarantine Reports
  • Email Encryption
  • Advanced Email Attack Protection
  • Flexible Rules Engine
  • Email Continuity Service (BCP and DR)
  • Directory Integration
  • Performance Reporting
  • Secure Message Delivery Via TLS
  • Compatible With GoogleApps & Office365
  • DDoS Protection (100% Cloud SaaS)
  • Spoof Detection & Custom Filters
  • Virus & Malware Stacked Classification Framework

Outcomes current clients have experienced

As a 100% cloud-based solution, there’s no hardware or software to install. By filtering mail at the Internet level before it reaches the network, our solution can save our clients considerable amounts on administrative tasks, bandwidth, end-user filtering, and even disk space on servers. We know time is valuable, so we  offer market leading technology without the management and deployment headaches. Administrators can simply login to the online console and manage all users and account settings from one single secure platform.

Muti Layered Anti-virus Scanning

Our solutions advanced threat detection technology enables our anti-virus engines to provide clients with an unrivalled protection from viruses and other email-borne threats. All messages are meticulously scanned by our sophisticated virus engines, operating at the highest levels of accuracy, performance and effectiveness ensuring all known viruses are captured and blocked. For increased protection,

We additionally employs heuristics scanning technology to discover email threats currently unknown to the system and protects against these in real time.

Threat Protection Technology

Our solution leverages the advanced power of Targeted Attack Protection, we have partnered with Proofpoint’s Industry Leading email analysis solution, to provide small to mid-sized enterprises with URL Defense and Attachment Defense, the only service that effectively detects, catches and analyzes malicious URLs and attachments targeting this market.