Incident Response


Incident Response

Normally we have two scenarios where organisations contact us for this service.  Either they are being pro-active and want to ensure should the worst happen then have access to experienced resource to support their internal efforts, or they have experienced an incident and require immediate support.

We have been engaged on some of the most notorious and public facing security incidents and breaches to provide expert leadership and direction when they needed it most.

Our highly experienced team bring a calm and methodical approach ensuring that the right activities are occurring to contain the situation and effectively communicate with your customers.

Service Components

  • Recognised industry leading expertise to lead or facilitate internal activity
  • Ensuring your organisation is seen to be doing the right thing to comply with regulations and customer expectations
  • Co-ordinating CIRT (Cyber Incident Response Team) activity to ensure maximum benefit achieved in minimum time.
  • Facilitating the Business Continuity and Crisis Management processes

Outcomes current clients have experienced

  • Incident contained as rapidly as possible focusing efforts on remediation activity
  • Clear communication on Who, What, Why, Where and When so that internal and external messaging is factually accurate
  • Normal business operations resumed as quickly as possible