Case Study – Global Telco


Major Programme Assurance


Our long standing client was embarking on a major transformation of their approach to security driven by 5G rollout.  We were engaged to challenge the internal thinking to ensure the right outcome for the end-customer… a secure network


We worked with the IT and Security function to support and challenge their thinking and progress as they defined a multi-year security programme.  We endured all activity had a defined outcome and a testable success criteria and not just a list of expenditure on technology


Our focus on ensuring testable success criteria paid dividends as we were able to audit the deliverables at every gate, ensuring they met the pre-defined criteria.  this approach enabled us to succeed the majority of the time, but where issues were identified, we could fail fast and get back on track, always focused on the outcome not the delivery of the technology


We were recommending improvements and changes throughout the programme at the change approval board.  As the assurance lead, we had a veto on quality and non-delivery of outcomes.  We never had to use this.  Complete collaboration throughout in an agile working style meant that lines of communication were clear, expectations were set, and deviations quickly managed




This was a long term engagement to get the network security ready for 5G rollout, the same as had happened for 4g and 3g.  5G is a game changer in terms of speed and end user experience, but only if the security components don’t become a blocker.  It was a privilege to be selected above much bigger organisations to lead the assurance activity on this critical piece of work.